Choosing the right type of carpet can be difficult, especially when you discover the many different types, textures and combinations.

So how do you choose the right carpet texture? Even though there are many types of carpet, most carpets start in these 4 most basic types.



Twist Is the most common carpet type with fibres twisted together to create a more robust, heavy duty carpet.

This carpet texture is ideal for heavy traffic areas, is easy to maintain and has an even textured finish.



These fibres loop on the upper layer of the carpet creating a smooth surface whilst giving extra spring in the yarn.

Loop carpets are generally made with natural fibres such as wool and have a soft & smooth feel to the carpet.



Plush fibres are the softest, constructed with a straight fibre that come with a soft, velvet & upright finish.

The downside to plush carpet is that it can display tracking from vacuuming, furniture and footprints.



Woven carpet is different from the above mentioned “tufted” carpets.

Woven carpet is constructed through a traditional loomed method and can also come with patterns woven into the carpet itself. Woven is a premium carpet and exceptionally robust.